The correct thing to say is CAM Santiago, due to the fact CAM is the Spanish acronym for Centro de Arbitraje y Mediación (CAM). In addition, Santiago refers to the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, whose Spanish institutional acronym is CCS.
Desde diciembre de 2020, la Dirección Jurídica y la Unidad de Arbitraje del CAM Santiago se encuentra operando en la segunda sede del CAM, ubicada en San Sebastián 2812, Las Condes.
The lawyers of the CAM Santiago’s processing units (known in other countries as administrators or case managers) form a professional team that ensures the proper functioning of our arbitration, mediation and dispute board services, and support the parties, their attorneys, arbitrators and mediators throughout our proceedings. These lawyers are a connecting bridge between the different stakeholders in a case and the CAM Santiago. As well, their functions is to coordinate the face-to-face or virtual hearings, the electronic files and the presence of the interveners in the E-CAM Santiago network and are the valid communications between the parties, their attorneys, arbitrators, and mediators.
In Chile, professional practices for law graduates are carried out by the Judicial Assistance Corporation of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (CAJ). They can be carried out in one of its units or in public institutions that have current agreements with the CAJ. On the other hand, unlike legal firms and other institutions, being an administrator of adequate methods of peaceful conflict resolution, the CAM Santiago does not have paralegals, since legal functions are exercised by the lawyers of the Units of Arbitration, Mediation and ODR, Directors and the Office of Studies and International Relations.
Nevertheless, we have a diversity of internship programs for undergraduate, graduates, and postgraduate students in Law, due to institutional agreements we have signed with Universities and entities, both at a national and an international level.