Online Dispute Resolution (ODR CAM)


Since the creation of E-CAM, its digital platform, the CAM Santiago has been constantly working on digitization and technological innovations for its services, and now it offers the community its new online dispute resolution platform: ODR CAM.

ODR CAM is a platform serving the community by providing adequate mechanisms for conflict resolution between companies (B2B) and, between companies and consumers (B2C), promoting dialogue through its two platforms:


  • The ODR B2B Platform: Allows to resolve disputes between companies, particularly MSMEs – national and international -, making available to them a tangible alternative for the resolution of cross-border contractual disputes through direct negotiation between the parties, mediation and / or online arbitration, thus reducing the barriers and risks associated with contractual contingencies for cross-border trade.





  • The ODR B2C Platform: It seeks to make available to e-commerce and its consumers a communication channel for the quick and efficient response of requests derived from e-commerce transactions, especially supporting MiPyMEs that do not have these channels.