E-CAM Santiago

Since 2013 the CAM Santiago has had a modern online case management platform for its mediation and arbitration processes, being E-CAM Santiago the official platform for communication of files and resolutions in our procedures.

E-CAM Santiago is an electronic platform that enables digital processing and provides support to the parties, arbitrators, mediators and casa managers of the CAM Santiago’s Arbitration and Mediation Units, allowing:

Remote access of the participants.

Administration and management of online processes.

Quick and easy viewing of electronic files.

Storage of files and documents.

Electronic notification of actions and resolutions.

Security and support of electronic processes.

Confidentiality and protection of information. Only validly authorized participants in the processes have access to the causes linked on the platform.

Interconnection with the Judiciary.

In this link you can download our user manual and learn how to upload files and documents to E-CAM Santiago.