Centro de Arbitraje y Mediación
Cámara de Comercio de Santiago

About Us

The Institution

The Santiago Arbitration and Mediation Centre (CAM Santiago) is a non-profit institution founded in 1992 by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) with the backing of the Chilean Bar Association and different areas of the Chilean Confederation of Production and Commerce. The CCS duly observes the law governing trade associations and is registered with the Ministry of Economy.


Since its foundation, CAM Santiago has made available arbitration and mediation assistance aimed at the resolution of domestic and international disputes, the purpose being to provide legal certainty and efficient solutions to the business and legal communities in Chile and abroad. With over 1,500 arbitrations already conducted by the arbitrators of CAM Santiago and involving more than two thousand companies and law firms, CAM Santiago has become an undisputed benchmark for dispute resolutions within the country.

In 1998, the Centre added mediation to its services, consisting of a voluntary method of dispute resolution through which the disputing parties negotiate directly, assisted by a knowledgeable and neutral mediator who helps them communicate effectively and design creative solutions to their problems.

Starting in 2006, CAM Santiago extended its services to the handling of international commercial arbitration to ensure the resolution/settling of disputes in legal relations between parties from different countries, on the basis of its experience and following the enactment of Law 19971.

Throughout its history, CAM Santiago has undertaken numerous projects and activities to spread and strengthen alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as the publication of decisions by the Centre’s arbitrators, academic activities and the creation of an electronic system that tracks arbitration and mediation cases.

As regards its international presence, the CAM Santiago was appointed as the Chilean Section of the Inter American Commercial Arbitration Commission (whose Spanish acronym is CIAC), currently based in New York.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) has granted its support to the CAM Santiago’s project for extending its array of arbitration and mediation benefits onto a national coverage. This collaboration and support has become a programme aimed at “The Expansion and Furthering of Commercial Arbitration and Mediation” (1999-2003) and to “Boosting E-Commerce Security and Trust” (2004-2007) for the development of high technologies for the online administration and follow up of arbitration and mediation cases.