How does a mediation process unfold at the CAM Santiago?

Mediation is a process of dialogue and therefore consists of stages that unfold in succession. The mediator, depending on the type of conflict, may hold joint or individual hearings.

In general terms, in the first stage, the mediator will inquire the interests of the parties, the objectives and the alternatives of each party. This elements will be analyzed to finally propose the different alternatives to reach an agreement.

The CAM Santiago has Rules of Mediation, which establishes the rules according to which  the processes will carry out, and a Code of Ethics, where the guiding principles of the mediation procedure are found.

It is important to keep in mind that any questions that may arise about the process can be directed to the mediator, who will help resolve the parties’ concerns. No decision during the mediation process will be adopted, without the mediator confirming that the parties have all the necessary information to take it.