When is an arbitration considered international?


According to Law Number 19.971, an arbitration is considered international if: a) The parties that have agreed to have an arbitration have, at the time of that agreement, their establishments in different States, or b) One of the following places is located outside of the State in which the parties have their establishments: i) The place of arbitration, if it has been determined in the arbitration agreement or pursuant to the arbitration agreement; ii) The place of performance of a substantial part of the obligations of the commercial relationship or the place with which the object of the dispute has a closer relationship, or c) The parties have expressly agreed that the matter object of the arbitration is related to more than one State.

On the other hand, if one of the parties has more than one office, the office will be the one that has a closer relationship with the arbitration agreement; and if a party does not have any office, their habitual residence will be taken into account.