What remedies apply against a domestic arbitration sentence?

According to the CAM’s Rules of Arbitration Procedural, no remedies proceed against the final verdict. Therefore, the parties renounce to all those actions that by law are renounceable, unless the parties expressly agree that the verdict can be appealed, either at the arbitral tribunal of second-instance or the corresponding Chilean Appeals Court.

In general terms, if the parties expressly agree that remedies proceed: the remedies of appeal and cassation against the verdict of a arbitration tribunal will be known by the the court that would have heard of them if they had been brought onto an ordinary trial. However, the cassation on the merits will never proceed against the sentences of arbitrators  ex aequo et bono; and the remedy of appeal only proceeds against final verdict when the parties, in the instrument in which they constitute the commitment, express that they reserve said remedy for other arbitrators of the same character/nature and designate the persons who are to hold this position.