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Domestic Arbitration

Arbitration is at this time widely used to settle commercial disputes rapidly, flexibly and confidentially. The arbitrator, appointed by mutual consent of the parties or by an Institution, acts as a judge and resolves the dispute by a final and binding decision.

Since its foundation, CAM Santiago offers arbitration of national disputes, the purpose being to provide legal certainty and efficient solutions to the business and legal communities.  More than one thousand cases of arbitration have been conducted by the arbitrators of CAM Santiago involving more than two thousand companies and law firms.  CAM Santiago has become an undisputed benchmark for dispute resolution in the country.

CAM Santiago’s arbitration service, includes:

  • efficient mechanisms for the appointment by CAM Santiago of arbitrators, experts in the most varied subjects. The parties can, nonetheless, appoint the arbitral panel directly.
  • flexible procedural rules and a fee system through which the costs of the arbitration are transparent and known in advance.
  • strict confidentiality for the arbitration cases handled by CAM Santiago.
  • administrative support, infrastructure for hearings and technology to track cases.